Refresh Your Hairstyle Smartly!

If you happen to be a very active, busy woman who believes in the importance of her looks as a booster of her confidence, you certainly experience a situation where you are willing to dedicate time and energy for your beauty routine at home, but you are not able to do so. Hair care belongs to these time-consuming beauty rituals that you want to make but you usually run out of personal “inventories”. As a result you find outlet in some professional spots in the city with experts who can shampoo, hydrate, repair, blow dry and style your hair, at least twice per week, and quite often at the end of a long, over-loaded day, when you are ultimately exhausted and you fall asleep at the hair salon basin. After that, your only wish is to preserve your hairstyle as long as possible and avoid repeating the process soon at home, all by yourself. That would be a nightmare! Taking into consideration that you need healthy hair, the way to keep them perfect, is to refresh your style using only your fingers and limiting the use of hair brush and comb to the minimum. You will have an ally at your side, the nutritious and super light Kérastase Elixir Ultime hair oil, which contains the miraculous Oléo Complexe and can be used any time. You can detangle you hair with a little amount of it on your fingers, making movements that imitate those of a comb as it passes through your hair. You don’t need to apply the product directly on your hair. You just rub it on your hands and then detangle with your fingers. Rinse any leftovers from your hands and you just refreshed your style. This product smells awesomely, so it’s as if you have put some hair perfume. You won’t easily resist to this small but effective beauty secret. I love it!

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