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Sweet Liberation: The desire to assert our confidence is combined with the beauty of sweet femininity. Inspired by this joie de vivre, we set our course to the sky and embark on a liberating flight. A soft delicacy of materials takes precedence. The structural simplicity of silhouettes, short volumes for tops and airy geometric shapes, are set off by original-designed fabrications. Bodices, encrusted with clusters of incandescent crystals, are paired with airy skirts of silk organza while ethereal gowns are embellished with ostrich-feathered fringe. An atmospheric palette is created by blending transparent layers of pastels. Translucent organzas are overlaid atop perforated neoprene while sheer lattice lace is lined with sequin embroidery. Whispery tints of frosted jade, lavender, and ivory are mixed with light pearl, lemon, and pale pink. Fashion empowers. This Spring, a new confidence of dressing is discovered, one that emboldens feminine empowerment and inspires Sweet Liberation.

Under multiple layers of embroidered tulle, organza, and lace in frosted pastel shades our favorite NY MB Fashion Week designer, Tadashi Shoji, once again found his way to elegance and excellence. His whimsical and chic S/S 2014 Collection is a chance to celebrate haute fashion techniques and femininity! It was a super interesting mix of materials and elements, as well as a harmonious and rich display of eveningwear opulence… I just LOVED IT!


Elena Sendona




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