Über-Luxury Sells!

It seems that excessive luxury still has an audience and demand is expanding even more rapidly throughout Asia and Middle East. Luxury brands such as Hermès with exclusive hand-made products, which are hard to get by most ladies dreaming of them for a long time, push other designer brands more towards highest quality creations. People at Louis Vuitton are very much charmed by this strong heritage element of the Hermès House and try their best to become more luxurious, planning for more limited edition, made-to-order collections and services at higher prices.

Once again, it’s the era of retro luxury with nouveau riches dominating the picture and asking for more exclusivity and higher quality. Super rich need something unique, not logos and designs that are easily replicated and appear as knock-offs in the street market. We now justify Tod’s decision to resurrect Elsa Schiaparelli’s iconic house into an exclusive Haute Couture House holding just a single point of sale in the globe, thus making haute couture fans traveling many miles in order to touch these soft fabrics and wear the much awaited new designs that are inspired by the surviving precious archive of the House. Some were quick to criticize the Group’s head, Italian fashion magnate, Diego Della Valle, for investing too much in an old approach to exclusivity and luxury. It seems, though, that there is a powerful and leading portion of the market that still supports the idea of old luxury as well as shoppers who are really nostalgic of the old Haute Couture days and, with a lot of money in their pockets and eccentricity in their minds, they will reinforce this market trend!

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