September Has a lot of Great Issues!

September is going to be an amazing month full of fabulous magazine issues, with most controversial those of American Vogue and W magazine. The very fact that Kate Moss is wearing on Vogue cover a fairy-tale Alexander McQueen dress but the whole discussion on Moss’ wedding goes around the unbelievably perfect 30’s wedding gown Galliano himself designed for her, with great effort at the worst and most critical period of his life, has a special meaning and my personal interpretation is an initiative to differentiate the man from the professional and reveal the grandeur of his Haute Couture work free from any other accusations and allegations that are clearly related to his personality and most importantly to the bad moments of his behavior. People behave differently in their personal life and that is also the case on W magazine’s cover which is already much discussed revealing the so-called sultry side of Kirsten Stewart which in fact doesn’t exist or is hidden deep inside, as it seems in a recent video where she’s talking about the most disturbing incidents in her so far career in the least, according to my opinion, feminine way. Is makeup and Photoshop enough to build up a different image for a young actor who legitimately doesn’t try to be somebody else but a girl at her age? The thing is that we really adore these photos but certainly neither we nor she recognise in them Kirsten.

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