Prada’s Evolution of Objectives

There is life in another planet and that is Prada’s. A new unknown species dressed in huge, circular sequins in a fish scale mode, furry head covers, new-age tartan motifs and featuring little red riding hood cubic heels over thick, knee-high socks, serpentine accessories and futuristic, winter sports glasses, introduces itself in this atmospheric Prada campaign. The concept is highly related to the fish scale; a strong image able to reproduce multiple eye-catching hybrids. Maybe those creatures have some aquatic past, strongly neglected and distant ever since they decided to land the catwalks. We liked this spot very much because it’s far away from reality, like a dream with many distortions that can be proven fun, lasting only for one mid-day nap. Some of the clothes seem equally alien, difficult to wear but others can make a connection between fantasy and reality, eccentricity and necessity. They are not basics but end up being the foundations of a new-era look. What is promising enough is that they reveal a mounting desire to explore fashion beyond its boundaries and make the whole trip plausible.

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