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Miu Miu Sneakers with a Teenage Sparkle!

When it comes to the new Miu Miu sneakers collection to be launched later this month, it’s all sparkly from heel to toe. Their decoration includes many options such as crystals, metal studs, sequins on velvet, patent leather and various glam fabrics. The whole design shares many similarities with a classical Converse Chuck Taylor but the adornments can depart from this sportive style and go for something really fancy and eccentric. We haven’t seen many of them yet, so we’ll keep you posted since this is just an announcement of that. Nevertheless, we could suggest you to match a pair like that with simple clothes in same family color shade – no glitter on them – cause it will be too much. Believe it or not it is quite similar to a pair of shoes I was wearing at the age of 13. I can clearly recall it as being white with colorful fake gems and golden beads all over. It was carefully crafted and at that point attracted huge attention by my schoolmates. Am I so fashion forward in that sense?

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