Pink Dreams!

I just received my Spring/Summer 2012 MAC makeup and combined it with Accessorize Collection items in pink. Tender, sweet and fabulous, these hair accessories, as well as my new stripped umbrella, will mix & match perfectly with juicy lip balms, luminous eye-shadows and dazzling blushes. I love the creamy texture in some, because it can easily be absorbed and give catwalk-girl glow to the whole face!

I also attended a wonderful presentation of a new amazing serum by YSL. The luxury brand is focusing now on cosmetics producing a beauty line based on an exclusive innovation. For first time, Glycobiology – a very interesting and much awarded field – is employed in skin care and anti-ageing. YSL’s scientific team gave birth to this miraculous serum and the rest products – all dressed in a gorgeous metallic shade of pink and black details. Packaging of the YSL Forever Youth Liberator is equally adorable with content. YSL discovered a very crucial key-element to our skin’s intercellular communication. This is not just a pink dream but a pink reality!

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