MRZ FW24: Modern Style Vocabulary

MRZ presents its Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection titled “LAB-STORY,” a captivating blend of disparate elements that coalesce to create a new imagery poised between the present and the future. Drawing inspiration from the experimental works of Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis, the collection embodies contemporary elegance infused with visual contrasts and innovative effects.

Embracing Marcelis’s artistic influence, MRZ ventures into a realm of creation and craftsmanship, where the MRZ woman explores new forms of expression.

The collection showcases intricate material manipulations, geometric shapes, and bold color experiments, resulting in a profusion of details that elevate each garment to a work of art.

Knitwear takes center stage in the collection, breaking free from conventional norms to explore new techniques and textures. Elaborate jacquards, bold prints, and three-dimensional textures create a dynamic contrast to the precision tailoring of jackets, pants, and skirts, defining contemporary femininity with every stitch.

MRZ’s essential garments exude relaxed elegance, accentuated by fine fibers and thoughtful detailing. Sporty-inspired elements like color-contrast ribbons and custom pullers infuse the pieces with a modern edge, while the iconic pleat adds a touch of femininity and grace, juxtaposed with masculine-inspired poplin collars and cuffs.

The color palette reflects Marcelis’s imagery, ranging from sophisticated neutrals to vibrant hues. Pastel tones mingle with bold shades of pink, yellow, and coral red, creating a harmonious interplay of colors that evolves with each piece.

In essence, MRZ presents a vision of the essential, where colors, shapes, and craftsmanship converge in a dynamic fusion, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion for the modern woman.

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