Viviers FW24: South African Heritage & a Sustainable Future

South African brand Viviers made a statement at the Milan Fashion Week, showcasing its FW24 collection with a presentation titled “In our Element(al), Carbon to Crystalline” at Starbucks Reserve Milano. This marked the third in-person event in Milan following the digital debut in September 2022.

Selected and supported by Starbucks and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Viviers aimed to promote the intrinsic value of local craftsmanship and aesthetics. In the pursuit of sustainability, the brand embraces a circular and mindful approach to fashion, utilizing organic and natural fibers from South Africa such as wool and mohair, alongside recycled nylon and high-fashion synthetic materials. The collection seamlessly marries traditional masculine tailoring with organic and feminine lines, reflecting the brand’s ethos of unity and transformation.

Viviers FW24 collection continues its collaboration with Cape Wools and Mohair South Africa, promoting sustainable luxury materials used in luxury fashion worldwide. The brand also partners with South African accessory brands such as Cape Cobra Leather Goods, NIC NATE Leather Co, and Mason Owen, showcasing the richness of South African raw materials like ostrich and bovine leather.

The FW24 styling also highlights partnerships with artisans such as milliner Crystal Birch, jeweler Kirsten Goss, and upcycler Nutcase Studies, reflecting the brand’s commitment to supporting local excellence and preserving South African craftsmanship.

The “In our Element(al), Carbon to Crystalline” FW24 collection represents a visual exploration of a crucial shift in human consciousness. Inspired by the concept of two worlds coexisting—one carbon-based and familiar, the other crystalline and transformative—the collection envisions a future where individuals transcend limitations and embrace their crystalline potential.

Crystals serve as powerful metaphors in this collection, symbolizing each individual’s capacity to become a beacon of light and positive energy. Through the fusion of contrasting textures, materials, and silhouettes, Viviers invites wearers to embark on a journey of self-expression and evolution, ushering in a new age of unity, compassion, and love.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Viviers remains a proponent of sustainable luxury, championing craftsmanship, diversity, and conscious creation. With its FW24 collection, the brand invites fashion enthusiasts to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary style in a harmonious fusion of artistry and sustainability.

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