My Updated Fabulous Top

I decided to present you a new version of my already crystal-studded top adding a maze of silver tree brunches and fuchsia blossoms revealing my bursting spring mood and my love for painting. It seems that I didn’t lost my fluent lines forever and now I recall what was supposed to be my talent a decade before. When I use these fabrics I have to be generous with color. I leave on my surface a thick stroke with a thick brush for the flowers and a thin brush for the tiny, elegant brunches. What makes the result even more breathtaking is the crystals almost hidden within this complicated synthesis. It’s sparkling and subtle at the same time-a combination that I feel proud of. You can do the same practicing on a casual t-shirt or top, turning it into a fashionable art item. You will easily figure out how art makes us happy and relaxed, protected by the worries that every-day practical issues inflict on us! Art-therapy can be the ultimate form of stress-relief!

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