My Adorable Dior Celebration Palette!

It’s always pleasure to buy gifts for me, especially when it comes down to Dior makeup. Last Thursday I forgot to tell you that I picked up my Dior Celebration Collection Makeup Palette which is wonderful in all aspects. I am planning to take it with me on my Christmas vacations up in the mountains since I always want to look & feel beautiful and festive. The most entertaining part of getting every season the collectibles is the unpacking process. I love this flirty cellophane which reminds me of Mr Cellophane at the Chicago musical, as well as the hard wavy paper protection inside the shiny colorful box. I also like the transparent plastic film over the metallic parts such as the zipper, as well as the plastic cover which prevents colors leaking all over the place and smudging the mirror. I usually keep this plastic covers for ever! My new Holiday 2011 palette includes my favorite 3-shade powder which serves as a foundation and highlighter sculpting smartly the contours of the face, my beloved lip balm which keeps my lips velvety soft, the iconic mascara and then eye-shadows and one red lipstick for two different Holiday looks. The amazing feature of this new palette is that it guides you through an easy-to-understand booklet and instructs you how to make either the look which emphasizes lips or this one which focuses on eyes. The simple idea is applying intense color to only one of these areas at a time and leaving subtle and simple the other. You can either go for natural, nurtured lips and theatrical eyes or for hot red lips and icy eyes. The first case has another weapon of seduction included in this palette, which is the eyeliner you can apply with one of the thin brushes here. What is equally adorable though, is the tiny tweed clutch which hosts these colors. It’s black & white, with very warm texture juxtaposed with black patent areas, a same-material cute signature bow and a logo charm. I came up with many different views of it during the photo shoot because it’s so charming. I can even match it with my little black dress while going out in the evenings. Enjoy the rest of my photos in this gallery and if you have enough time, give your feedback on it! Let me also tell you that it’s a limited edition palette and for the moment a little bit hard to find online. Ask for it at Dior’s beauty stands or else make a compromise with the smaller palette which is for your eyes only! Check also the Blue-Tie Palette which is equally magical! I already want it and probably won’t resist…
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