New Scents at Home!

I added two amazing products in my personal collection of delicious things; one for me and one for my home. Their primary common characteristic is their incredible luxury glass bottles and their invincible scents. Both are assumed to be, besides other things, amazing centerpieces for any bathroom. I am talking about my new Nougat London Hand Wash with the already very popular cherry blossom fragrance in it, as well as my new Diptyque Tuberose Room Spray. My Nougat Hand Wash is very tender with my hands and makes my day every time I am looking at it with its sparkly crystals attached in its bottleneck, while my new room spray fills the place with its awesome irresistible floral fragrance, that one of the tuberose flower I always recognize as the top note of my ever favorite perfume “Fragile” by Jean-Paul Gaultier. J’ Adore this perfume and I pick up everything that has this rare tuberose scent in it. It’s sensual, light and magical at the same time. Unexpectedly seductive… My bathroom looks even better after the addition of those two beauty items. My home has an uplifting aura all over, any time. I placed them on my wash basin next to my Molton Brown Rosé Granati Hand Lotion (previously paired with its matching Hand Wash) and my somewhat overused toothbrushes which I need to change as soon as possible. They are all essential to my daily routine and I am suggesting them to you as must-haves!

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