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Miu Miu Gets Confusing

miu_spring1A bit nostalgic and a bit misled, Miu Miu talent-show-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection seems difficult to absorb and follow in the near future. Models wearing oversized, contour-annuling outfits, vividly colored and printed, walking on a wooden red dance floor couldn’t bring out Miuccia Prada’s initial story telling effort related to newly acquired vs old hollywood fame, fame-obsessed young or living generations’ people, fresh dreams, wishful thinking and the jungle-like reality such TV experiences offer. Swans, stars, trees and snakes were the dominant images. Who knows what kind off new connections Miuccia made in her brain? The thing is that many fashionistas didn’t like it. Too much color and volume without any true reason, uninvited pleats and confusing forms were the outcome of this effort. The peculiar thing is that such semi-suicidal experiments are taking place in an era of stylistic conservatism and increased supply of sellable luxury goods.

Ατυχείς πειραματισμούς είδαμε στο Miu Miu Spring/Summer show, χωρίς να μπορούμε να καταλάβουμε αν είναι συνειδητά τοποθετημένοι για να τονίσουν το ανεπίκαιρο και άτοπό τους. Πολλά χρώματα, prints και απρόσκλητες πιέτες, φαρδιά ρούχα που αναιρούν τη γυναικεία σιλουέτα και ασύνδετες λεπτομέρειες, οδηγούν σε ένα κομφούζιο που απογοητεύει.

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