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Alexandre Herchcovitch: The Versatile

alexandre_herchcovitch1Far away from his comfortable niche of edgy, urban or even underground inspirations, Brazil’s “chosen designer”, Alexandre Herchcovitch, made a S/S 2011 collection embracing the futuristic aesthetics of American artists Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, representatives of post-WWII Abstract Expressionism. The New York Fashion Week “dude” made a big statement this season, insisting on monochrome silhouettes (including matching shoes and lipstick) and introducing monochrome MYKITA sunglasses – an inventive collaboration that led to 4 unisex sunglasses in architectural “full” and roundish shapes, hand-made of thin stainless steel sheets in black/black, gold/amber and turquoise/turquoise versions, in Berlin. Iconic architect Le Corbusier was the most notable personality sporting the original style – another proof of Herchcovitch’s ever-growing appetite in blending art of all kinds with his wearable objectives.

alexandre_herchcovitch2Next to the monochrome looks, he strategically placed the “enlarged pixel” or “multiple swatches” effect, rendered in delicious, feminine color shades. You could also call it “clear-cut mosaic” or “neo-pop art patchwork”. Whichever the name, it was thrillingly sophisticated. In a good sense, the “icing on the cake”of Herchcovitch; Alexandre collection was a series of satin, gradient-tone dresses that epitomized the designer’s key-word; VERSATILITY. The festive graphic approach in cloths and accessories excluded any other kind of print which would have tried hard in order to appear less boring. It seems that Herchcovitch is reborn, tracing back his first fashionable caricatures, at the age of ten. He once more makes dialogue which his global clientele, opening a new promising window, that one of simple things becoming big innovations, through fusion and filtering of artistic legacies. Digitalized fashion images are now in the forefront.

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O βραζιλιάνος σχεδιαστής Alexandre Herchcovitch, αγαπημένος του MB Fashion Week στη Ν. Υόρκη, παρουσίασε μία από τις πιο ενδιαφέρουσες συλλογές της Εβδομάδας, με χαρακτηριστικά γνωρίσματα τη συνοχή, την ευρηματικότητα και την αγάπη για τη σύγχρονη, ψηφιακή εκδοχή της τέχνης.

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