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Laurence & Chico Spring 2019: Runway Surprise!

Colors, volumes, and pop art accessories! The mega platforms, the bouncy tutus, the geometric wigs, and the groovy headphones set the tone. It was a dj-meets-NBA player sort of inspo. Drag Queens, caricatures, high fashion, and tech fabrics created a new fashion wonderland.

Their presentations have been previously among my NYFW favorites. They include drama, color, volumes, and fashion boldness. The theatrical nature of the styling but even the actual design of the pieces are preaching versatility and inclusiveness! They have an androgynous feel and operatic approach to actual life, and definitely a much coveted unconventional angle to ‘what to wear’ and ‘who we are’.

The designer duo didn’t disappoint at all on their first runway show which took place inside a basketball course! SS19 was absolutely amazing, and the idea of filling an athletic space with high fashion meant the world to visually-bombarded NYFW fashion attendees. I arrived at the Piers, and we all waited a bit for their rehearsal because the Parsons alumni seriously decided to take the whole production to the next level.

Then I got inside, took a few pictures with my fellow front-rowers – need actually to find that cute girl dressed in a plaid puff-sleeve top we had a selfie together(!) – and then the party started. The fact that extra-oversize tulle in boldest of hues was parading in front of us at the basketball court felt surreally normal! lol! I wanted to get dressed in the ballet and Drag-inspired costume and become the most disruptive person on the streets! Or better – like the models – Vogue my way down the streets…

Celebrities such as Cardi B adore these creations and the magical atmosphere the designers create since SS16. There is a fun aura around them. Models were dancing at this show, and interacting with the audience. So cool, indeed!

It was like the 80s were coming back in full glory. Neons are definitely back anyways, if you judge from the various neon sneakers and sporty attires you’ll find in the market by an endless array of high-profile designers (Prada is my fave!)


I left the show with one of the most amazing gifts I ever received – glitter eyeshadows in XXL packaging for a lifetime – yet I also was left craving the mega-size headphones and general headgear the models were sporting – including the wigs. And I still want the platform shoes that make you sky-high fabulous.

Great publications wrote about Laurence & Chico regarding this show, and I must tell that they are reaching or surpassing in imagination industry stars such as Off-White who also launched tulle concoctions and couture-meets-athleisure looks for SS19.

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