Lacoste: Life is a Beautiful Sport!


Life is a beautiful playing field and with the launch of its new message: “Life is a Beautiful Sport” Lacoste brings about a new era by reinstating its founding values into the core of its message.

Whether on playing fields or in everyday life, Lacoste’s story is rooted in a quest for authenticity, performance and elegance. Each item of clothing is designed in order to allow men and women to feel emancipated in their mind and bodies, with clothes that enable confidence and ease by being adapted to an ever-changing life. It’s this vision of optimism and courage that is promoted by the new campaign: “Life is a Beautiful Sport”.

The press visuals and posters are Jacob Sutton’s creation; they poetically portray men and women elegantly proceeding “above” the city and life’s tribulations. These urban and minimalist visuals represent the “Lacoste spirit” stripped down to a simple metaphor, remaining sporty and relaxed when confronted with challenges.


The brand’s first advertising film, directed by Seb Edwards and played by Paul Hamy, conveys man’s courage when faced with the big leap. A feeling of dizziness as he runs headlong into the unknown. The contrast of daring a small action to face up to the emotional vastness, crossing one meter in order to gain a kilometer and winning the game of a lifetime.

Handed out to BETC and premiering in France during the Winter Olympics, the campaign will be globally broadcast from March 2014 onwards. It consists of a 30” movie as well as a 60” one, both done for TV and cinema, with visuals for the press and poster campaign and a digital activation. Can’t wait to see more!!!


Elena Sendona

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