Katya Leonovich Stays Unconventional!

Thinking outside the box and leaping off boundaries is always welcome in the ever-transforming world of fashion. And I just love watching designers breaking the rules and suggesting something new! This time, New York based fashion designer and artist Katya Leonovich will be launching her Spring/Summer 2016 collection at The Highline Loft during New York Fashion Week. The event will showcase both Leonovich’s new designs accompanied by her latest paintings ‘second-skin’, which will mirror the collection in a modern and dynamic pursuit towards tasteful and artistic feminine exposure.


“Bisected Beauty” will commence on the opening night of Thursday, September the 10th from 6-8pm, where fashion and art tastemakers will unite and celebrate this modern and unconventional approach to a new era of fashion presentations. The collection will feature a collaboration of headpieces designed exclusively by headwear extraordinaire Steph Mendoza.

The collection is a collaboration inspired by the beauty of the female anatomy, and portrays a modern concept of “split imagery.” Leonovich is an immeasurable artist in both her paintings and fashion design. The presentation will bring together the opposite pieces that coincide to create one single platform. A modernized development of the bisection of fashion and art that is so out of its scope, yet beautifully intertwined. The exhibit will provide guests with a variety of choices tailored to augment the imagination and individual perception.

Leonovich first rose to prominence in 1997 when Ellio Fiorucci created her first fashion show in Milano. Later, she was encouraged by Fiorucci to enter the Smirnoff Competition, where she was declared the winner of the Mittelmoda Fashion Award. Shortly after, Leonovich created the infamous “Alive Dress” for Madonna during her tenure in the Gattinoni fashion house in Rome. In 1999, Katya Leonovich’s couture collection debuted during Paris Fashion Week. Leonovich has since shown four consecutive shows in Paris, and a total of seven collections at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. “Bisected Beauty” is the return of the designer’s legacy, with a new vision, vowing to leave her mark on the industry.

Sounds so tempting to attend!


Elena Sendona

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