James Murray: Reinventing Public Relations!

Styled By: Laurean Ossorio - Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana - Vest: Costume National - Pants: Helmut Lang - Scarf: Gucci - Shoes: Rag & Bone - Hair: Shu Uemura
Styled By: Laurean Ossorio - Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana - Vest: Costume National - Pants: Helmut Lang - Scarf: Gucci - Shoes: Rag & Bone - Hair: Shu Uemura

Styled By: Laurean Ossorio – Shirt: Dolce & Gabbana – Vest: Costume National – Pants: Helmut Lang – Scarf: Gucci – Shoes: Rag & Bone – Hair: Shu Uemura

It’s very satisfying to talk about bold and promising personalities within the fashion industry, who stand out for their talent and courage, rewriting the rules and inventing strategies. James Murray, a Communications virtuoso who recently launched his own PR company – daringly leaping from the position of an account manager to that of a Chief Publicity Officer – is such an example. He named his agency Supreme Public Relations, because his efforts at helping fashion professionals to build up a successful profile were always supreme. Lately, he actively works with designers, influencers and beauty experts who want to take their career and brand name to the next level. He is young, upcoming and fashionable, yet experienced enough to mentor others. He is an insider meant to make waves in this highly competitive environment!

Young designers of immense talent and potential really struggle to get exposure. They are creative, but hardly know the way their work can be effectively promoted and communicated. James started learning the techniques since the day he was one of Donna Karan’s interns. Later, he continued adding brilliant names to his resume, including Versace, Gucci, Theory, and Seventh House PR, where he was also a menswear specialist. One can easily assume that, judging from his sleek, eclectic and high-end sporty personal style. He’s been impeccably dressed and groomed since his childhood, during which he was also sporting the most eye-catching outfits. Coiffed to perfection and accessorized in a very sophisticated way, James is the visual representation of a strong connection to ‘all things fashion.’

He admits that he is sharply honest and direct, yet this attitude has earned him great contacts with top editors, entertainment A-listers, agents, stylists, and influencers. To him, fashion is far from mediocre and this aspirational side of it has further encouraged him to think big. Today, he and his carefully selected team efficiently juggle through all sorts of needs and demands, giving each client a customized solution. And he is confident enough that his agency – now based in New York – will further expand to L.A. and beyond, becoming known to a far broader audience and celebrity clientele. That’s why he is totally flirting with the idea of appearing on TV more often.

What is so cool about him is that his path to success was really fast-track. After graduating from high-school he didn’t waste a moment, moving directly to NY to pursue his dreams. His story teaches us that if we already have a goal, no delay sounds excusable! And it also urges us to discover our strengths and talents, and focus on them. Having great mentors, like James had, is also a key to his success. His direct mentors, as well as the work of icons such as Hedi Slimane and Karl Lagerfeld, further inspired him to continue. In his polished and street-chic black, grey, and white outfits, and with a calendar full of fabulous things to do, James is ready to rule the scene and make a valuable contribution.

The mission of Supreme Public Relations is to meticulously select and support top emerging brands with an “it” factor in their DNA, making success possible from their very first steps. As James puts it “this is a results-driven agency.” And he gradually introduces all of us into the modern way of doing public relations!


Elena Sendona

Photograph to the right by Chad Grigg – Lead Stylist: Laurean Ossorio – Stylist Assistant: Ephranna Copeland – Second Assitant: Rachel Vasvari – Art Direction: Eric Ascher – Hair: Frankie Salati / Sorella Mia Salon – Sunglasses: Portrait Eyewear – Watch: Versace – Seen on:

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