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Interior FW23: City Heartbreak

Every seasoned New Yorker has experienced emotional outbursts in public spaces; shedding tears on the subway is almost a customary experience. Lily Miesmer and Jack Miner’s Fall 2023 Interior collection pays homage to this raw, urban vulnerability, encapsulating those moments when New Yorkers feel most isolated in their despair.

The envisioned woman for this season channels a gritty, 70s-inspired mood. She appears disheveled, and fortune seems elusive to her. Yet, her wardrobe boasts standout pieces like a striking red coat adorned with pristine white buttons or a strapless cotton ensemble featuring a drop waist.

Outerwear emerged as a highlight, with the designers delivering distinctive takes on timeless staples. This approach was evident in a camel coat uniquely distressed to reveal its inner lining and a notable red piece. Tailored suits with matching bras and statement evening attire, including a standout red cashmere mini dress with a bubble hem, further enriched the collection.

Semi-sheer looks, studded details, lace paneling, minimalism and maximalism at the same time complete a series of tastefully deconstructed looks meant to be worn by downtown girls who know fashion.

Interior was established in 2020 by Jack Miner and Lily Miesmer. The collection offers a nuanced and idiosyncratic approach to daily dressing –– each product-driven assortment is a pastiche of sportswear, tailoring and eveningwear that is future-facing with a tinge of nostalgia. Focused on craftsmanship, fit and fabrication, the clothes themselves are a mix of staples elevated to new heights and decidedly special pieces that signify the peaks and valleys of our wardrobes, all of which are meant to be thrown together with irreverence. The name Interior was chosen for its playful misdirect: clothes, by their very nature, are worn on one’s exterior. Yet the name also points to our shared inner emotional landscape: our interiority.


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