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Dion Lee FW23: Shedding Boundaries

Dion Lee showcased an electrifying FW23 show in a vacant Manhattan loft. As a prominent figure in New York’s nightlife, the Australian talent specializes in upscale, party-centric fashion. Recognized for his sultry designs, Lee masterfully strikes a balance between allure and discretion. This season, the lineup featured elegant dresses, subtle tank tops, mini skirts, and shortened tops, evolving his known style into a mature yet undeniably “Lee” aesthetic.

The heart of this collection revolved around a reptilian theme symbolizing transformation. Lee’s affinity for drawing inspiration from the natural world blends seamlessly with his urban design sensibilities. This theme manifests in unique patterns and material choices, including rhombus-shaped eyelets, diverse knits and meshes, innovative rubber treatments, and chain decorations on silk georgette garments.

Other techniques incorporated were Japanese shibori dyeing and the usage of shearling. Broadening his range, Lee introduced more outerwear pieces, including plush shearling and uniquely shaped puffers, while retaining some tailored pieces. His take on denim featured intentional wear and tear, paralleled in designs using torn hosiery.

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