The Heels of Change!


We just heard that a Roger Vivier retrospective will take place at the Palais de Tokyo, Oct. 2 to Nov. 18. For those interested in the shoe architecture this is going to be an incredible chance to appreciate the ingenuity and originality of the forms and lines. Till today Roger Vivier continues to be a brand of innovation and heritage mixed together in a magical way. We love the peculiar heels and toes, the little glamorous details and the understated element of luxury.

A woman wearing Roger Vivier stands out for her sophisticated choice and courage to look different. It’s not about an extreme gesture or great effort to impress. It’s only about good taste and strong personality. At the Palais, 140 exquisite creations are waiting for you to admire. It’s pieces coming from various private and public collections around the world showing not only the founder’s talent, but also the evolution of the house by current artistic director, Bruno Frisoni. Both designers created statement pieces and are credited for changing rules in shoe-design!

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