Hot Girly Kate Spade Lipsticks!

Can’t wait till September when Kate Spade’s lipstick line, consisted of 4 new shades (Pop Art Pink, Fuchsia Fete, Adventurous Red and Bashful Blush) will hit the stores in a delicious pink and gold package. “Supercalifragilipsticks”, as they provocatively and confusingly called, are the result of the joint effort by Spade’s Creative Director Deborah Lloyd and Lipstick Queen’s founder Poppy King who is already famous for her concept lipsticks such the current “Jean Queen”, a pink shade designed to match with your many favorite pairs of jeans and to balance its shine with their matte look and feel. So far, Kate Spade has launched only one, the hot red “Twirl Lipstick”, included in her collection since last September, as part of party look essentials such as perfume and body cream. It was all a great success and now we have the evolution of it, which is expected to be even more successful despite similar, competitive cosmetic lines like those of Victoria’s Secret. Looking forward to see Juicy Couture and Betsey Johnson’s response to this launch since both brands tend to specialize in lipstick-shaped images and items, in the form of charms, accessories, prints, embroidery, sequined motifs and other perfectly girly gifts. Will they produce their own sexy lipsticks soon?

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