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Claudia is Ready for the Winter!

Based on the irresistible texture of high quality cashmere, iconic top model Claudia Schiffer is about to launch a collection of warm cardigans, tops and dresses with designs inspired by art and the dark, hidden side of forests. This time she adopts the newly-acquired role of the designer, going backstage and making something very creative. Although she is not an expert in drawing, she manages easily to communicate her ideas as well as her long-time experience as a really good model and casual observer of famous designers’ incredible job. Her fashion wisdom and her talent to listen to fashion geniuses’ chats before and after catwalk shows and shootings, is now a precious tool in the hands of her team. It’s another way of expressing herself and making others explore the result of her 23-year-old interaction with the world of fashion as a major icon, a woman who everybody loves. Claudia wants her apparel to be comfortable and fabulous at the same time, without exaggerations in style. The sophisticated details of her debut knitwear collection, consisted of 30 easy-to-wear and combine pieces, attract attention and emphasize femininity. The collection will be available since end of July only at the and and the price range is $400 to $1,600.

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