Gold N’ Roses!


Sounds like an exaggeration but I’m almost in love with this pair of Dolce & Gabbana earrings featuring roses and Italian baroque motifs. I got them on sale from the couple of months ago, and they were from the previous Holiday Collection.


I knew from the very first moment that those statement pieces will be the perfect stunners for a New Year’s Eve outfit or a party look any time of the year. They are classic and modern at the same time, quintessentially ‘Dolce’ and invincibly seductive! I love roses and gold equally, so this seems to be the most stylish match!


Tying your hair back in a low bun or a ponytail you give people around you the perfect view of these little masterpieces. They might be long enough to flatter your neckline but they are also weightless due to their smartly chosen materials.


This is my effort to convince you that a gorgeous style assumes smart choices and a special focus on comfort! Going for jewelry shopping, make sure that you’re looking for pieces easy-to-wear, soundless, and tender with your skin. Find those ones you can bear all-day-long without feeling tired of carrying them on you! Me and my little roses once again wish you Happy, Sparkly Holidays!!!


Elena Sendona


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