From the Royal Navy to the Catwalks!

They are part of a standard naval officer look or today’s nautical look often seen on runway models walking for Balmain, Ralph Lauren, and the likes. The peacoat and the nautical blazer respectively are deeply rooted in the British Royal Navy uniforms which gradually served as the template for maritime uniforms across the world. This blazer is still a royal thing if you count the many times members of the European families – women too – have adopted it. The Duchess of Cambridge is a keen adopter of the look which often comes in her prestigious wardrobe in affordable versions from J.Crew and Zara.

Although varied in style details, the original nautical blazer for ceremonial purposes is usually a dark navy blue double-breasted jacket. As for the peacoat, which is similar in pattern, it is a piece of outerwear crafted from heavy wool. The standard for the historical sailor jackets of the European and American navies was 850g wool, and for the US navy this meant heavy Melton cloth. In today’s market most coats are made of 620-910g wool.

The etymology of the word peacoat is debated. Some relate it to the Dutch or West Frisian word pijjekker or pijjakker, in which pij referred to a type of coarse twilled cloth. Other link it to the heavy overcoat seafarers wore in chilly weather. It was tailored from ‘pilot cloth’ a heavy and rigid with the nap on one side. It was also referred as P-cloth and the garment made from it P-jacket.

Based on the idea of weather-proof outerwear and the polished nature of the nautical blazer, I in the role of the Creative Director of the up-and-coming FEEL GOOD FUR brand, reinterpreted the look through a much warmer luxurious piece crafted from ethically farmed astrakhan. I wanted it to be sleek, chic, comfy, protective enough in bad weather, and timeless. My idea of the ideal piece of outerwear is one that lasts forever in your closet and is as classic as the original naval officer jacket. Comfort runs high my agenda, as well as an eco-friendly spirit, and the idea of the investment piece that passes as an heirloom from generation to generation. A luxe nautical blazer is a real wardrobe asset not only for men but also for women. So me, my revamped nautical blazer, and other avant-garde designs are competing at the Greek International Women Awards against an array of wonderful talents in the category of Fashion, and this is very exciting indeed! I wanted to thank in advance all those people who encouraged me to push the limits of my creativity beyond writing and make it happen!

Love you all!!!

Elena Sendona

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