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Delight: Advanced Fashion for Teenagers

The designer duo Delight presented at Athens Fashion Week a Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection which was an urban, eclectic mix of different materials in forms that were much more comfortable than appealing to the eye. Nevertheless this innocent approach made some of us rethink our relationship with cloths. Do we get dressed for us or for others? Are the choices made determined by trends or real needs? It is true that you could find many warm, easy-to-wear, good quality pieces here. Some of them were very feminine and others not. We didn’t like the crowded looks but can give a credit to the simpler ones. Most of the items were characterized by geometry, monochromatic combinations and absence of prints. Eco furs, velvet and laces had a predominant role. Layering and overlapping of elements was another key-feature of the collection. The main palette included burgundy red, mustard yellow, beige, black and grey. It’s evident that the designers’ target group is of a younger age but with advanced sense of style.
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