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Mina Stone: Attached to the Past

Mina Stone Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection, presented at Athens Fashion Week, was a plunge into grandma’s chest, a trip to the older days of Parisian, Grecian and Oriental style with vintage and futuristic elements merged into an attitude that was as dark and subtle as her colors. We loved the nice fabrics, especially the light, fluid ones. But we were not so happy with her effort to hide and enclose female body under thick, warm fabrics, opaque tights, midi/maxi lengths and ultra rich drapery. Volumes distorted real body contours. Neither colors, nor design could be described as bold. Nude shades combined with decent, conservative styles created a romantic but melancholic or nostalgic mood about the past, without meaningful connections to the present. Music at that show was slow, an old Greek melody which has nothing to do with contemporary sound. The designer’s concept was clear but not easily applicable to the ever-changing needs and quest for new, edgy styles. Dull realities most women face today require sharp contrasts, daring tailoring, luminous colors and fascinating details in order to turn into something attractive and promising. Introvert fashion ruins our chance to feel better and smile without second thought.
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