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Argentina Does Well in NYC!

Argentine designers presented at their show a great kaleidoscope of forms, patterns, motifs and colors, inspired by their distinctive culture and its interaction to the rest of the world. Nudes and vivid colors, orange and beige, ethnic features, geometrical forms, black and white, huge flowers as headpieces, and fascinating shapes really depicted this country’s rich stock of ingenuity and creativity. The Argentine Spring/Summer 2012 collections at the collective Lincoln Center show during MB Fashion Week in NYC were really charming in variety and style. One could find many folk and traditional elements such as long full skirts with tribal motifs, dresses with ruffled hemlines, boots with fringes, belts made of big florins and colorful knitted bags. Contrary to that, came some pieces with very modern asymmetric parts, exquisite draping and layering, monochrome identity, extensive use of zippers, and smart juxtaposition of volumes. Those people with romantic nature could, on the other hand, find in Argentine creations the ultimate form of the romantic everyday look with items such as little floral dresses, outfits in pastel shades and accessories which could be called retro. Some of the looks were delving details from distant past ages while others from older periods in history. All of them were sophisticated, impressive and wearable which means that Argentine fashion has a great chance to do well next season in NYC, as an alternative to other overused so-called exotic trends. The Argentine designers who participated in this show were: Cardon, Cora Groppo, Daniela Sartori, Desiderata, Mariana Dappiano and Min Agostini.

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