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Improvd Celebrates Uniqueness!

I liked the Improvd MB Fashion Week presentation more in terms of the collection itself than the staging of it. It was quite stressful -almost like a battle- with photographers rushing from one side of the room to the other in order to ‘catch’ the alternating models lined on two consequtive walls in a relatively small room. We all tried to take photos but for most of us it was impossible to have all of them. The moment one actually reached the next spot, the model could be about to leave it. So everybody was pushing each other, not on purpose, but as an instict for the survival of the fittest. Anyway, my smart moves through the crowd made me one of the lucky ones to get most of the photos and I am really proud for this. Regarding the collection, Improvd suggests for Spring/Summer 2012 the extensive use of leather processed in a very interesting way, making unexpected patterns and designs. There was also a lot of smart and fluid layering were nudes combined with bright colors – especially reds, blues and greens. I loved the abstract colorful prints in very light fabrics and the subtle draping contrasting with more tailored, geometrical forms. Belts and thick straps were the fascinating material which framed the fluid ones in this intricate looks. It seems to be clothes that are hiding silhouette imperfections in a very sophisticated manner. What added a tone of formality was black used selectively in most styles.

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