ANON Atelier SS18: A New Luxury Brand

Who said that NYFW attendees are constantly on diet. This picture is of the branded mini cupcakes ANON Atelier serves us at its SS18 launch in September 2017! Food is abundant throughout the week!

ANON Atelier is a New York-based design studio re-envisioning the traditions of Ready-to-Wear. The debut collection offers timeless, multifunctional essentials that communicate ease and confident luxury through innovative patterns, quality construction and detailing. Each piece is a classic redefined for the modern woman, from the stretch leather leggings that fit like your favorite yoga pants to the sexy silk dress you can wear day or night. Together, the collection serves as the foundation of a wardrobe that is at once directional and wearable.

Alexa Chapman and Jess Stone make up the design team behind the new luxury label, and their process is simple: Find a gap in the industry and create unique solutions by reworking conventional patterns and testing industry standards on real women. Supporting high-end manufacturing within the United States, ANON has partnered with local fabric mills, artisans and factories to create garments they are proud of. Sourcing none other than the finest fabrics and finishes, each piece is produced by skilled craftsmen whose attention to detail passes from their hands to yours.

The longtime friends originally met eight years ago while studying abroad in Montreal, and recently began creating one-off items that inspired them in everyday life. Those captivating pieces have since become the cornerstone of ANON Atelier.


Elena Sendona

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