Amy Left a Message

Staring at new mom Miranda Kerr’s making off Victoria’s Secret photo shoot tweeted by her photographer Russel James, we can somehow turn page and squeeze our grief for the untimely loss of Amy Winehouse – an unfair waste of unprecedented musical talent – under a huge satin bow and behind this seductively composed lingerie campaign setting. Amy with her self-destructive innocence and charming, artistic fragility, without even trying to be, ended up as an icon, a legend among those who transcend time and extend it beyond their 27 years of life. Young people who are usually challenged more by any kinds of abuse or excess, due to their flowing energy and missing experience, are shocked right now. Paying tribute to this great singer, they realize that fame is something difficult to cope with, especially when you do not aim at it, and in fact, you just want to express yourself, as Amy would like to do many more ages than she managed to do. They also understand that some things are not a joke. When you get into this vicious, foggy cycle of drugs and alcohol, who know that you’ll most probably stay there, unless you have people around you convincing and determined enough to get you out of it and save you. For that matter, Kerr’s image, so healthy and beautiful as it shows, insists that you can do better things at the latest part of your third decade. Besides pain, rage, sorrow, disappointment and pessimism, there is passion for life, creativity, positive thinking and above all persistence in all good causes. Amy just like many others prematurely rich, talented, and famous, failed to give love to her own self. On the contrary, she gave all of herself to others around her, who disregarded her vulnerability, taking for granted that her magic voice could tame everything, even death she was playing with, all the time. We will always love this voice and will prefer to see her smiling shots, those suggesting that her whole story could be rewritten, and Amy could have more songs, more than one weddings and happy babies strolling with her around London. Hope that the story will be like that for other famous “kids” who challenge their lives with any short of abuse, going in an out of rehabs on a frequent basis. That’s Amy’s implied message: Stay Alive and Smile like I Never Did.

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