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Teen Vogue Rocks Lincoln Center!

Teen Vogue Magazine organized a wonderful show in teen spirit during MB Fashion Week in NYC, presenting its editors’ choices for this season, meaning warm and stylish clothes for young people who want to stand out in most occasions. The collection which talented fashion editors assembled piece-by-piece included party, leisure and college looks, some sporty and somewhat boyish while others extremely girly. They suggested extensive use of layering, employing items of different character that can match for some obvious reason and above all can be extremely comfortable. Among the highlights, one could see tutu’s and other skirts worn over leggings or skinny pants, contrasts of warm and cold shades, blazers with full skirts, little dresses worn with opaque tights and boots, tartan pants and animal print faux furs, flared jeans, Dock Martin’s, All Star Converse shoes and heels worn with little socks. Most outfits were ideal for a heavy winter and were introducing all kinds of unexpected combinations since teenagers are not at all color-phobic or fearful in terms of fashion. On the contrary, they love experimenting with new trends and always succeed in creating their own, even without spending a lot of money. The whole event was extremely successful attracting a lot of guests and other fashionistas surrounding the enclosed open-air area where it took place, at Lincoln Center. I just allowed a teenage girl to stand in front of me while I was taking photos and she was watching on her knees so as not to disturb me. She even came back to me after the show to thank me again and again for giving her my standing position. Look how polite and mature those kids are! I really admire them…

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