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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 7

I started that day with what every busy fashionista needs to do at some point, in-between her shows and events to attend; going to a place where showgoers could relax, get free coffee and cookies, and a blowdry or a makeup by talented freelancers; services generously offered by the HL Group (responsible for many coveted NYFW invites) at the talent-incubator Space530.



Many big and small brands have rented little showrooms there. Upon my arrival, some ladies already enjoyed a hairdo; the irony being that I didn’t have enough time to do the same, so I just snapped the stylists’ and makeup artists’ work, along with beautiful corners of this zen fashion lounge, and then left. These people without doing anything, they made my day!


My next stop was at the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue), for a quite different, theatrical show/presentation by talented designer Marlon Gobel, infused with futurism and the idea of transhumanism (H+) – more or less meaning human augmentation through technology. It was a very technical approach to menswear with a strong concept and a focus on quality control. There was a cold and at the same time playful interaction between a female and the many male models undergoing, according to the scenario, multiple sort of performance-checks. The lady was inspecting while men were helpless recipients of her verdict. Will a world dictated by electronics be a world ruled by women? There was some hidden message in there, but beyond that – and the heavily industrial setting/sound, some of the clothes could be called beautiful and wearable. Removing the goggles, the gadgets and the ‘Iron Man’ gloves, one would find normal human beings dressed tastefully. Nevertheless, futurology and the study of potential benefits or dangers of emerging technologies, served as a very appealing background to the collection. Some accessories were by a fashion-forward brand called United Nude, while the line best describing this show was that ‘technology is fashion from the fabrics to the devices we use’.


Within this futuristic frame of mind, Maria Ke Fisherman showcased at the Highline Room, Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District, new exaggerated silhouettes, lots of vinyl, high gloss, mesh, dramatic outerwear and interesting knitwear, spiced up with the extensive use of zippers and colored to the greatest part black & white. Adding to the wow factor of the very youthful, woman-goes-again-to-the-moon designs were the braided hairstyles; real masterpieces of avant-gardeness! Congratulations to Maria, and to People Revolution’s Kelly Cutrone who was in charge of this fabulous event.



Cherry on top was Riccardo Seco’s presentation of men’s and women’s at 7 World Trade Center (250 Greenwich Street) one day before the 9/11 Memorial. We were all excited to see the new building and the taller one next to it. Inside the event space we saw a model of the reconstructed area, which, along with the view from the window, gave us a huge smile. People angled masterfully their cameras to get the best view of the tall and shimmering building. As for the collection, it was a minimalist – mostly black & white – approach of the skateboard culture; very urban and chic, with lots of sportive elements and geometry. There was great design in this collection which took advantage of the shapes and contrasts to the maximum. Those cool girls and boys make the perfect match to the gorgeous NY skyline behind them!


Dinner with friends was arranged right after the show at Gemma, Bowery Hotel, and it was proven delicious. To complete my skyline saga, jetted to Ink48; a rooftop with an elongated swimming pool, great cocktails and the best Manhattan view ever!




Elena Sendona


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