My Way to Natural-Looking Makeup!

My NO1 ‘Good Morning’ prerequisite is a healthy natural-looking face with soft, luminous skin, bright eyes and velvet lips. This should be every woman’s bread & butter, I think! For that matter, I am sharing with you my little beauty secrets which make me glowing everyday dedicating only a few minutes to my skin care and makeup!

– We apply makeup on a clean and hydrated face, first the foundation and then the highlighter! Try to find the ideal color shade for you, testing.

– Don’t be messy during the whole process and wash off color from your hands every time you are ready to work with another product. Place also what you’ve used back in their assigned position, unless you are going to use it again before reaching the final result. There must be some order in your beauty kingdom that will help you become more creative with your makeup.

– Give some healthy color on your face and create interesting angles using a glow-giving blush.

– Don’t pull off more brow hair than you have to! Remember top model Arizona Muse and her thick eyebrows that are already a big statement! Re-draw them with the ideal shade pencil to make their shape look perfect.

– Use some liquid or creamy eye-shadow in nude shade with a little subtle shimmer and even light it up with white accents close to the brows. Blend creamy with powder shade for a lasting result.

– Add transparent gel mascara or a very small quantity of black mascara, more on the upper lids to curl them up.

– Condition your lips with a good quality balm and you’re ready to go, looking natural and flawless all day long!

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