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Kiton Fall/Winter 2023: Top-Quality Elegance

Navigating by sight, breathing in the sweet smell of adventure and figuring out where to go. Faced with a myriad of opportunities and a thousand paths to choose from, we nevertheless need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and our compass in hand; the only instrument capable of reminding us who we are and where we find ourselves. In the world of fashion, that compass is none other than Kiton: offering world-class Italian tailoring that – in the midst of passing fads and extravagant trends – serves to remind women of the fundamental principles underpinning style without the risk of being distracted by novelty. Quality and elegance are placed first above all else.

To create long-lasting garments is the biggest challenge the company embarked on straight from the outset, giving customers confidence in carefully chosen shapes and fabrics capable of transcending fashion while gliding towards a future of certainty. In terms of the 2023/2024 collection, certainty is represented by a very distinct approach to style that embraces the elegant world of evening wear by focusing on the ultimate timeless garment: the dinner jacket.

A piece of clothing that has always been associated with menswear, yet remains able to radiate elegance thanks to fabrics such as organza, silk blends and moiré that lend Kiton women a touch of sparkle. Cashmere and silk knits – crafted from premium lurex yarn – remind us not only of how much femininity an outfit of this magnitude can emit, but also of the meticulous attention to detail Kiton brings to the choice of yarns, intertwining the finest threads to create various three- dimensional finishes.

Knitwear once again shines thanks to fabrics – ranging from wool to cashmere – and to constructions that with each step result in soft, light and sinuous garments. Perfect for women who know what they want and who are looking to find confirmation from a wardrobe that reflects their strong and pragmatic personality.

Together with finely crafted geometric prints – which seem to echo the bold and vibrant motifs of Kazimir Malevič’s art – the masculine duster coat, the cotton and wool sateen suit and the pure cashmere-lined double jacket, with or without fur, bring back not only the comfort we all seek, but also the quality that women know they can always turn to in their wardrobe, confident that such classics will never be passé.

With a long-term vision and dedication to throwing away less, keeping pieces you know will last for many decades is an investment Kiton strongly believes in, thus designing garments made not just to last, but to last forever.

The colour palette is also a key feature. From classic winter tones, it daringly embraces the nuance of arctic blue, a hypnotic and vibrant colour that easily combines with natural colours, blending well with various greys, pearl grey, burgundy and nude pink, but also with beige.

The harmony between colour and fabric is, after all, the hallmark of a versatile collection that plays with weights and shapes. Ranging from the bamboo suit to the tailored coat with leather sleeves and pocket details to the tailored micro-jacket, the collection focuses on everyday practicality, conceiving versatile garments that easily adapt to different climates, playing with subtle contrasts of colour and volume, at times cinching the silhouette and at others letting fabric fall freely and fluidly, allowing women to choose their garment according to the occasion they are attending.

Along with stronger colour tones – such as shocking pink and fluorescent green – and more sporty garments – like jumpers and sweatshirts to wear travelling or in the mountains – the common thread linking all colours and silhouettes is, once again, quality and product research.

In the midst of a universe filled with endless possibilities and choices, with everything pointing towards constant change at all costs, women need to create their own style based on one single certainty: being able to rely on a wardrobe that enables them to challenge themselves. A simple, clean and distinct wardrobe, far removed from trivial fashion. A wardrobe that can help them feel at ease and bring out their personality, enabling them to select clothes according to events while remaining true to themselves, comforted by a very simple idea: with Kiton you never go wrong.


The Kiton FW23 collection for Women was presented during the Milan Fashion Week at Palazzo Kiton totally representing the brand’s timeless aesthetics and commitment to top-quality materials and craftsmanship. Elegant guests had the opportunity to touch and feel these investment pieces made of beautiful fabrics that stand the test of time.

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