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Hermès Spring/Summer 2011

jp_hermes1On the same pace but with even more innovation, Jean-Paul Gaultier walked towards the finishing line, passing the baton to Hermès’ next Creative Director Christophe Lemaire who has been assigned to perpetuate the horsey legacy, presenting his first collection of the house next season. The magic element that Jean-Paul reserved for us was a series of ultra refined leather such as the so-called “transparent crocodile” and the ultra thin, almost second skin, leather in various fitted forms that contradict the loose pieces made of light, luxury fabrics. Belts both thin and large ones, played major role in the collections. Predominant looks were the Western inspired, underlined by the use of characteristic boots and hats. The whole atmosphere was physically enhanced by the presence of equestrians at the backround.

Αντίο είπε αυτή τη σεζόν ο μεγάλος Jean-Paul Gaultier στον οίκο Hermès, παρουσιάζοντας τη συλλογή Spring/Summer 2011. Απίθανα, λεπτά και κομψά δερμάτινα κομμάτια με ειδική επεξεργασία, αλλά και αέρινα, φαρδιά σε συνδυασμό με εξαιρετικές μπότες, ζώνες και καπέλα έδωσαν ένα ακόμα δείγμα “γραφής” και καθοδήγησης για τον επόμενο Creative Director, τον Christophe Lemaire.

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