Cuoio di Toscana: Presenting Sustainable Innovation

The “Cuoio di Toscana is Green” event, held in September 2023 at 10CorsoComo in Milan, showcased the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in fashion. This event echoed Cuoio di Toscana’s significant presence at the Milan Fashion Week, underlining their emphasis on combining traditional artisan know-how with sustainable practices. The presentation was a creative testament to the brand’s dedication to using natural, sustainable materials sourced from renewable resources, all made in Italy.

The event was not just about showcasing sustainable fashion but also a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and the country’s rich cultural history. Innovative techniques are now employed to transform leather, traditionally used for shoe soles, into a non-woven fabric for creating clothes and accessories. This groundbreaking method signifies a shift in the use of leather in fashion, making it a versatile material for different kinds of apparel, not just footwear.

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