Do Not Avoid Avocado!

Another beautiful, sunny day with me thinking a lot about nutrition, good health, and low-budget dietary solutions. It seems that Spring will come at some point and we all need to look and feel gorgeous! Searching on the subject I came across with a recent study revealing once more the multiple benefits of avocado consumption on an every-day basis. This greenish fruit helps a lot with metabolism, as well as increases the quantity of nutrients acquired with our daily meals. So, I found a new reason to adore my favorite Mexican sauce, the guacamole. And then, I realized how popular avocado is in many restaurants around the City, added in sandwiches, salads, snacks, as well as a side. You may fear that there are many calories behind it, but researchers now tell that it contributes to a healthier diet overall that doesn’t affect body weight at all!

Exploring more on the beneficial role of the avocado, I found out that it is an effective sunscreen ingredient which penetrates skin rapidly, a moisturizer, and a perfect hair conditioner. There are many home-made recipes in the internet which are suggested as great beauty treatments. Avocado oil is equally precious for your skin and your diet. This is a real treasure of vitamins, dietary fiber and ‘good’ fats, which relatively speaking, comes at a very good price, compared to luxury spa treatments and expensive face creams. Avocados are really unique in the sense that they are vitamin E powerhouses, as well as great catalysts for many nutrients’ absorption. And the most attractive thing, after all, is that they are super-delicious!

The avocado story is a great opportunity for me to talk about misconceptions and distorted realities. Avocado is so helpful, yet some people avoid it, out of ignorance. That leads me to the idea that we need to get informed extensively about something, before rejecting it. Experts, specialists and people involved, can offer you advice on things unknown to you. We all sometimes feel that things are the way we’ve learned through our environment, but this is not always enough.

For that matter, make your own research, every time you need to learn something truly important for your life. Double-check, cross-check and make truth come up! Do not over-simplify things. Just take your time to find out the real thing. Do not rush to any conclusions, denying or approving something. Check the pros and cons!

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