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alice + olivia Fall 2023: Celebrating American Icons

alice + olivia‘s Fall 2023 collection, led by CEO and Creative Director Stacey Bendet, is an ode to the transformative periods in American fashion. Bendet encapsulates the innovative essence that has been America’s fashion cornerstone: from pioneering denim to contemporary designs and setting global pop culture trends.

Nostalgic American styles from the 1950s onwards are vividly reimagined in this collection. The quintessential 50s pin-up dress gets a punk-rock twist, layered with tulle and authentic American black cotton lace.

Elements like the multi-colored brocade opera coat are inspired by Truman Capote’s swans, while classic tweed jackets echo the timeless elegance of Uptown women. Hollywood glamour surfaces in a striking red chiffon dress adorned with an attention-grabbing scarf and opera gloves.

Traveling through time, the collection embraces 50s corsets, 60s boucle sophistication, 70s bells and brocades, to modern sportswear stripes. The versatility of American fashion shines through, from 90s grunge with leather flare pants and embellished vegan moto-jackets to athletic sets with bold stripes. Y2K vibes resonate with the use of trendy denim, blending seamlessly with meticulously tailored boucle jackets.

What sets this collection apart is its ability to intertwine various eras of American fashion, presenting them in a contemporary, chic, and exhilarating light. It champions adaptability; a brocade opera coat can elevate or be effortlessly casual, a testament to American sartorial flexibility.

The emphasis is clear: American heritage and fashion feed off each other. Bendet’s vision transcends individual icons, celebrating every woman as an embodiment of iconic style.

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