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Aigner SS24: Craftsmanship & Edgy Vibes

The Aigner Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented at the Milan Fashion Week on September 21, 2023, stood out for its artistic flair and craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from the late 19th-century Arts and Crafts movement, the collection was a celebration of artisanal skill and sustainable luxury.

Creative Director Christian Alexander Beck’s expert guidance was evident in the collection’s modern and artistic approach, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion elements.

Key features of the collection included the enchanting “Honeysuckle” pattern, which was prominently featured in various designs. This intricate pattern added a tattoo-like effect to tulle bodysuits and leggings, and was further embellished on transparent silk fabric with silicone flowers, creating an alluring 3D element on crop tops, tops, skirts, and dresses.

The runway showcased bold, sculpted designs, oversized silhouettes, and sheer outfits, indicating a strong focus on modern and artistic expression.

The collection also featured suits, crop tops, low-rise baggy trousers, dresses, and midi skirts, crafted from high-quality materials like georgette and Nappa leather. This mix of pieces demonstrated Aigner’s ability to merge style and artistry seamlessly.

Aigner, renowned for its leather craftsmanship, showcased its expertise in this area with the introduction of limited-edition pieces and the iconic CYBILL Bag in new variations. These included a Stretch and Stretch Mini version, one adorned with metallic studs and the other in a glossy leather finish with a crocodile pattern. These creations underscored Aigner’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our Editor, Elena Sendona, at the Aigner SS24 fashion show in Milan

Overall, Aigner’s SS24 collection was a modern comeback for the Munich-based brand, marrying the essence of the Arts and Crafts movement with contemporary fashion sensibilities. The collection paid tribute to the past while paving the way for a sustainable and artisanal future, exemplifying a fusion of artistry and fashion.

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