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New York Fashion Week FW21 – LRS Alludes to NYC’s Rebirth and the Power of Creativity

LRS’s FW 2021 collection is a love letter to creatives continuing to create despite it all. It is an ode to the renaissance of art that designer Raul Solis hopes will follow New York City’s “death,” and eventual return. It is an ode to survivors and ultimately, an expression of hope. Inspired by the shapes and liveliness of Zurich gay clubs of the past, as well as the ornate and structural nature of the Victorian era, Solis uses LRS’s signature attentiveness to sculpture and detail in a marriage of the stories of the past with the story of the present. It is a collection of old emerging anew, featuring deconstructed garments to represent the way in which the world is dismantling around us, with this apocalyptic architecture contrasted by the use of hoods to offer protection. Ultimately, while shredded, the pieces are put back together, with pops of green and fuchsia to signify a return and maturation of a new era. Solis maintains the brand’s motif of utilizing chain details but reimagines it with Victorian-era styles in a blend of the modern and the Victorian. New images like a denim backless blazer, maxi skirts with short backs, and vibrant colors bring the shapes of vintage bustles to the present. Dresses flipped upside down signify a year flipped entirely on its head, but it is not delivered without hope. According to LRS’s FW21 collection, the artistic renaissance is coming, and it will be an expressive and exciting return.

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