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My Little Chat on Kenzo and Fishes!

My friend Catherine (an ardent fashionista and shopper) and I often have little chats on various fashion related topics and items on trend. It’s an ongoing process – very inspiring and revealing I must say – which we both enjoy very much. From now on, this treasure of considerations and thoughts will be something that I’m sharing with you! Check our latest daily chat here:

kenzo_fishes1Marni, Isabel Marant

Me: I just found the Marni embellished Trunk bag at the best possible price; 400 euros with an extra20, but I think it’s still expensive! I could buy this piece at 300!

(It’s been sold out since that chat but to get an idea check this link: )

Catherine: Pfff! It’s not value for money. I saw it on a super matronly-dressed Russian lady snapped recently on Instagram…

Me: I really like the design, but I wouldn’t pay that money for a non-leather bag!

Catherine: Anyway, check this: This is a piece which I’ve been stalking for a year and now it’s only at your size with an extra 20% discount. Look at the back!

Me: Nice! Similar to Marc Jacobs SS 14 florals! And Isabel Marant is such a good designer!

Catherine: Did you check Marc Jacobs items have been further reduced!

Me: Cool! Sounds interesting…


Catherine: Well, I’m torn between buying three Kenzo garments (all decorated with the fish-motif):

and buying just one Kenzo Kalifornia bag in pink:

The bag or the clothes? Susie Lau has it too. Don’t have enough time now! Check it out at her blog. I need your opinion!

kenzo_fishes3Kenzo, Marc Jacobs

Me: (after half an hour) Just found Susie’s Kalifornia bag! I think it will be super smart to buy it! The bag is greater value, compared to the clothes, and it’s also at a very good price!

Catherine: (the following morning) I’ve been thinking of this bag all night long! My husband doesn’t like it at all! He sees it as too mainstream… Better go fishing!

Stay tuned for more of our little chats with Catherine, coming soon!


Elena Sendona

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