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Put your Hat On!

I love hats, but most importantly I can’t live without them while on the beach. I need the protection of the wide-brimmed hat which creates enough shade around me. I’m the never-without-sunscreen kind of person, and for me a hat reinforces my sun defense. My favorite one is a black Juicy Couture ‘reminiscent’ of Hollywood superstars back in the 50’s lying by the pool while trying to avoid the sun and indiscreet gazes.

hats_on1Barbisio bucket hat, Eugenia Kim straw hat

Recently, I enriched my collection with other types of hats such as a baseball hat, a jockey hat and a Panama hat to spice up my looks. They don’t offer me equal protection but they ensure immense style. A hat is definitely a statement piece and the more versatile we are in our choices, the more daring we might be called. My heart-shaped face supports more than one style, and in that sense I’m lucky enough to experiment with almost whatever is on the market; most of the hats are flattering to me!

hats_on2Sensi Studio Panama hat, Eugenia baseball cap

My new Panama hat from Sensi Studio is made in Ecuador, with a wonderful colorful twist. My favorite milliner is Philipp Tracey, but I don’t own a single piece from him. So my second go-to hatmaker is Eugenia Kim who’s designing incredible wearable hats all year long, even beanies. I have couple of wonderful pieces from her in my closet.

hats_on3Piers Atkinson fascinators

Lately, I’m also a huge fan of Pier Atkinson’s fascinators, and recently got some awesome headbands for my coolest looks during the upcoming NY Fashion Week. Stay tuned for that! Anyways, going back to our summer theme, I collected a few beautiful hats from my e-research and would love to share them with you in this post! What do you think?


Elena Sendona

Photo (page up to the right): Morena Rosa 2014 collection

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