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I Love Fashion Store in Dubai!

On November 27th, 2011 the new Smart I love Fashion Store officially opened its doors in the prestigious Dubai Mall. Fashion savvy consumers had an exclusive high tech retail experience in the 200-meter squared amazing store. They will see 40 fully dressed mannequins, which are walking like real live models on the catwalk, showing customers fully styled outfits. Immense TV screens had been installed in order to help consumers to choose their favorite styles. Customer reaction to this new concept is very positive. An average consumer in this Dubai Store buys more than 3 pieces from the mannequin.

The outfits are stored in the back, in a quick storage, similar to dry cleaner conveyer system, where the goods with one press of button appear ready for fitting. The profit over the first 30 days in the 200 m2 store was 160,00 USD which makes 800 USD per meter squared. This is a true success for the I love Fashion Brand. Management believes that with a greater variety of goods, better customer service and loyal customers these numbers will go up dramatically. The FTV licensee Group in the Middle East has contracted to open 35 new stores over the next couple of years. Nowadays, fashiontv has licensee companies in Thailand, China, Singapore, which opened over the past 18 months over 80 stores in Asia and the Middle East. In Guangzhou, China they have opened a 2000 m2 F Mega store, full of beautiful, sexy designs: including f couture, love fashion, fashion paris, and love café. Isn’t it fab?

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