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GCDS FW23: The Homecoming

The GCDS FW23 fashion show delves into the concept of home, a realm shared with our cherished ones and where our valued possessions reside. Giuliano Calza seamlessly brings the action to his personal dwelling, where his feline companion, Kittho, holds sovereign sway.

Kittho himself takes the spotlight, magnified into a colossal presence on the runway by the craftsmanship of Carnevale di Viareggio artisans, the Fratelli Cinquini Scenografie—a testament to Italy’s fine craft and mastery.

Within the home’s confines lies both the framework and the wellspring of inspiration. Giuliano Calza delves into his creative inclinations and fascinations: the refined tweeds adorning ladies’ jackets, the essential pinstripes defining gentlemen’s attire, the worn leather emblematic of rebellious youth, the velvets of sofas, and the plush textures of bath mats.

This collection is an interplay between sweetness and alluring darkness, with accessories transforming the claws of household felines into provocative human-scale adornments.

This intimate ambiance introduces a fresh perspective on GCDS, one that perhaps mirrors the perspective of Kittho through his piercing yellow eyes.

The array of designs includes voluminous coats, cozy shearling and wool outerwear, underwire cup bra bodices with corset details, fluffy knitwear, oversized leather jackets, and embellished tweed looks. Deconstructed elements merge seamlessly, fashioning pieces that transcend gender and body types. The collection exudes an aura of coolness, excitement, boldness, vibrancy, and edginess.

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