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Ferragamo FW23: Hollywood Glam Meets Modernity

Maximilian Davis, the visionary Creative Director, returns to Hollywood, a place that resonates deeply with Salvatore Ferragamo‘s legacy. This iconic city, a second home to the brand, serves as the muse for Davis’s exploration. Drawing from the enchanting aura of the stars who once graced Ferragamo’s presence during the golden era of the 1950s, he intertwines their allure with a tapestry of artistic references, the edge of bikers’ style, and the elegance of Renaissance draping. The result is a harmonious symphony of modern Ferragamo codes.

For this latest collection, Maximilian Davis embarks on his mission to revitalize Ferragamo’s historic connection to Hollywood. The siren call of the 1950s resonates as he delves into a time when luminaries like Audrey  Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe were wearing the brand’s creations.

Davis’s journey takes him into the realm of tailoring and the era’s Ivy League sportswear for men. For women, the optimism of a post-war era is captured through abundant full skirts, accentuated waists, and necklines with a chaste yet sensual allure. Through meticulous craftsmanship, he translates these vintage elements into the present, infusing them with contemporary nuances and delicate sportswear detailing.

His tailoring template emerges as a defining silhouette, marked by high lapels and a one-and-a-half breasted structure. This tailored elegance transcends gender boundaries, echoing the evolution of fashion’s norms.

As Davis unfolds his narrative, off-duty looks like jeans and tank tops punctuate the journey, while cocoon-like hoodies embrace flaring long-line skirts. The collection’s accessories, including oversize day bags in captivating lilac and natural lizard, are equally enchanting.

A mature restraint leads the way as Davis gradually introduces Ferragamo’s signature red, culminating in a striking red pantsuit and a male-worn leather trench coat. A play of contrasts emerges, as seen in a brown trench coat with a cream collar, harmonized by a matching bag.

In a mesmerizing crescendo, Davis unveils a series of scoop and sweetheart-necked wiggle dresses, or tops paired with leggings. Crafted from shiny patent meets PVC material or matte silk/wool, these pieces exude a retro-future essence—a collision between the past’s historical splendor and the contemporary edge of today.

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