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Elegant or Fancy Hats?

I really love this Zara hat with an impressive bow on the side, presented at Black Voices Online, because it really seems to be an affordable stylish solution for many women who want to be classy and protected during vacations, on the beach or anywhere else, daytime. Although I already got an ultra-chic luxury version of it from the Juicy Couture store downtown Athens, I am definitely tempted to buy the Zara alternative for casual occasions, especially on the beach, where even the most perfect hats feel the pressure of swimmers’ stuff such as shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses and wet towels above them. Under those piles you ultimately wish to have a cheap but still fancy hat, not your 100-dolar babe! If you ask me thought which is my season’s favorite, I would probably go with an even more luxurious item, the huge striped, vividly-colored Prada hat, that one used in many recent shootings, so far! It belongs to one of the trendy categories of hats – with stripes – and matches perfectly with the revived French marinière, as a top, cardigan or even dress. Stripes go with Stripes and girls can’t go out without “big” hats this summer!

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