My Sweet Baby T-shirt!

I just concluded my first hand-painted baby t-shirt, made for a 10-month girl in our closest circle of beloved friends, and I am presenting this to you as a sample of my work, not only for women but also for babies, girls and boys. It took me 3 hours to complete it and required in advance a brainstorming and inspiration book, before finding my topic, in this occasion “desserts that are appealing to kids”. For that matter, my painting on this tiny t-shirt included cupcake, ice cream, lollipop, little chocolate, glass of choco milk, popsicle, blueberry milkshake, donut and candy. I painted them pink, red, orange, lilac, purple, green, yellow, chocolate brown and grey, trying to give girly pink a predominant position among those colors. I added also cute details such as a heart-shaped cookie on the cupcake, a slender branch of blueberries on the milkshake glass and a cherry on top of the tri-colored ice cream. It’s all about a very sweet world and I really enjoyed it very much!

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