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As the focus of attention moves towards Asia, more exotic fashion news are coming out! Recently Mulberry – the gradually evolving into a super-brand label – introduced at their store at Siam Paragon in Thailand their extremely fashionable guests to the new F/W 13 Collection. The event coincided with an in-store exhibition of seasonal styles and of the tools required to produce these luxury bags and the rest of the coveted accessories. All the ladies and even men were holding super-classy Mulberry bags and tried new ones which they will add to their wardrobe treasures. Although I’m not that familiar with those local celebs, I can see that they are very elegant and have a great appetite for luxury goods. It’s true that Asian people are stylish and have an innate talent in choosing great fashion. Those who can afford to stand out in Asia are the most motivated clients of luxury brands on earth…


Elena Sendona


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