Draw the Line!

Here’s a magical tool for the perfect corporate look, party look or stunning look in general! The 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by Urban Decay Cosmetics makes a statement sharp enough to take breaths. Get the color of your choice, or maybe two and three, for instant transformations in the office or on the beach. It’s very easy to change the rules of makeup and focus on a single power tool that will save your face! In this collection, among others, you’ll find blue and golden which I’m very excited about. Your firm, crisp line will not fade, unless you want it to. Sometimes we’re using eyeliners instead of eye shadows just for a little color on our eyelids or other times we want to make the infamous cat-eye look and seduce everybody in the room. No matter what, waterproof eyeliner with a very pointed edge is necessary. Don’t be afraid of it. You can handle it, and you can correct the line with a cotton stick and a drop of makeup remover, if something goes wrong. Practice a little bit, but surely you don’t need to be a makeup artist in order to achieve it! Be decisively charming and efficient in all respects!


Elena Sendona

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